Bunk beds

Practical to save space, the bunk beds make it possible
to optimize the space and to easily arrange a small room. Which model to
choose, advantages, disadvantages and safety rules…

Suitable for small spaces, bunk beds save space without
sacrificing comfort. This type of structure is ideal for children who share a
room, at home or with grandparents during the holidays. Another space-saving
option: a mezzanine-style bed for teenagers looking for a space of their own,
or the quickly crowded studios.

While you won’t avoid the argument over who gets the
top bunk bed, be aware that the bunk bed is not suitable for children under the
age of 6. Toddlers will sleep on the bottom mattress. You’re also likely to
hear a lot of chatter and laughter once the lights go out. Some will appreciate
these moments of complicity, others will regret a lack of privacy, but to make
everyone feel comfortable, there are certain things not to be overlooked.

Points to check with a bunk bed

Safety is paramount with bunk beds

Safety is of course an aspect on which we cannot
compromise. Make sure that access to the bed, especially the upper one, is
secure and that the construction meets European standards. The ladder (or
staircase) must be solid and secure. Children often like to climb it to play
on, so it is best to make sure that it is not in danger of coming loose.
Remember to check the quality of the slats, especially for the top bunk. Also
make sure that the bunk bed is equipped with a barrier on both sides to prevent
accidents: it can happen that you forget that you are up high and fall out of
bed in the middle of the night or when you get up in the morning. Prevention is
better than cure.

The stability of bunk beds

That’s another important point. A lack of stability can
generate a feeling of insecurity and fragility of the structure. It can also
disrupt sleep and, of course, make noise with every movement.

Which model to choose?

There are several kinds of structures:

Classic bunk beds with two beds one above the other or
arranged at right angles. Some even offer a third sleeping option with a
mattress hidden in a drawer under the lower bed.

Detachable bunk beds, which make it possible to make
two separate beds when the children grow up and a need for privacy is felt.

A high mezzanine type bed with a 140 cm mattress, ideal
for freeing up floor space and installing a desk or relaxation area underneath.
This type of structure is well suited for teenagers who are looking for a
certain freedom, or for small apartments in which the smallest square
centimetre counts .

a 3-in-1 high bed (bed/desk/storage). This is not a
real bunk bed, but a structure with a high bed that also allows you to optimize
space, and that can be modulated according to your needs: sleeping, work or

Bunk beds with wooden or metal structure? Wood is a
robust and durable material that also offers excellent stability. It is well
suited to small structures for children. Favour solid wood panels, such as fir,
for example. Metal, which is also strong but lighter, is a good choice for

The choice of bedding is a must for a good night’s
sleep. For this, it is not necessary to put a very high price on it. To avoid
going over budget, and to save space, why not think about buying a second-hand
bunk bed?